Kasey Sorrell is a developing artist living in Durham, NC where they were born and raised. SORREAL ART came to be in 2023 while exploring their passion for art and curiosity of surrealism. Surrealist Art as a movement, is based on abstract and fantasy, and displaying the unconscious, which Kasey leans into in through many art forms. 
Kasey has nearly ten years of photo experience, beginning when they became devoted to the art in their early teenage years. Their themes often depict nature and lost time, using the decisive moment to guide the image. Their photography practice now is in the form of iphonography and can be seen on their instagram. They are also open to collaborations, including portraiture. 
In 2019, Kasey graduated from University of North Carolina at Asheville where they earned a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in Photography. In their senior year, they took a full year of ceramics courses and... that was that! Clay has taken over their entire creative outlet since that year. Kasey is interested in studying the patterns and oddities of the natural world, and attempt to capture natures' beauty within clay. They enjoy the experience of digging deep into the subconscious to bring ideas and life into the surfaces of their pots. 
Kasey now works as a Studio Assistant at Liberty Arts Pottery Studio (Durham, NC), selling their work at local art markets. 
To book a photo session, or inquire for custom pottery or resin pieces~ please email: sorrealart@gmail.com
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